FAST Enterprise

FAST Enterprises is a solutions firm founded in 1997 that has made products such as an integrated tax processing software, a program that administers driver and vehicle services for motor vehicle agencies, and unemployment insurance solutions - and more!

 Next meeting will be this Wednesday March 12th, 3-5 PM at the 
 Lobby Suite, First Floor Union!
  We hope to see you there!

 ~Areeb, VP Info Systems.

Internships in the Area: 

Intern - Business Systems Analyst, Customer Experience - Blueshield

Intern - Software Developer Internship - POS Portal

Intern - Program Analyst - Intel

As of: February 17th, 2018

What is the purpose of MISA?

Management Information Systems Association is a student-run academic organization serving California State University, Sacramento. Our goal is to help our members build a dynamic network in their field of study. We provide a platform where our members can connect with CSUS faculty, alumni and potential employers through a series of events and workshops held over the course of every semester. At MISA we aim to inform members of potential career paths, Sac State events, and education opportunities, all while forming valuable networks between students, faculty, alumni and companies.

How does MISA achieve this?

Every week, MISA meets in the California Suite on campus. During these meetings, we engage in interesting conversations with other students, faculty, alumni, and representatives from the private and public sector such as Chevron, Intel, Deloitte, FBI, and various departments within California State government. Topics of conversation include experiences in current and past courses, latest trends in the MIS field of study (data analytics, cyber security, organizational behavior, and other emerging technologies), which companies are hiring (and which ones are firing), anything else that comes to mind!

Although we focus primarily on MIS, AIS, and CS majors, all majors are welcome!

Every semester top tech companies visit us to see what Sac State has to offer. If you are interested in presenting or finding out more information about MISA please, send an email to

Review our Events page or our Calendar to see what is coming up next for MISA!

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