Leadership Duties

MISA offers students many opportunities to develop their personal and professional skill set. Leadership skills are highly valued by most Professional Firms. By becoming a member of MISA Leadership, you gain valuable hands-on experience running an organization.

If you are interested in joining the MISA Leadership Team (LT), please indicate so on your MISA Membership Application... and be sure to JOIN MISA in OrgSync, so that you will be ready to use the tools that the MISA LT uses to manage the MIS Association at Sacramento State.

Click here for a list of Leadership Teams by semester.

Below are some of the Leadership Team position descriptions (subject to change).


  • Attend Nuts and Bolts Meeting 
  • Overall supervision of the organization and its officers 
  • Preside over all organizational meetings 
  • Report officer's progress and news to members at the beginning of each member meeting 
  • Schedule required monthly officer meetings 
  • Attend DOC Funding Meetings with or in place of the Treasurer 
  • Approve purchases and reimbursements in conjunction with the Treasurer

Vice President 
  • Attend Nuts and Bolts Meeting 
  • Assist President in completion of duties 
  • Assist all other officers in completion of duties 
  • Sign up new and returning members 
  • Organize outreach program for all business students including undergraduates 
  • Prepare a member guide for each meeting. A member guide shall include background and contact information for each speaker, with speaker's permission. 
  • The president and vice president shall determine the duties for all other officers before the semester begins. 

VP Professional Relations
  • Seek out new sponsors for MISA 
  • Communicate with current sponsors 
  • Invite guest speakers 
  • Work with Vice President to prepare a member guide for meetings 
  • Work with recruiters to come to campus 
  • Work with faculty to gain support for MISA 
  • Assist other officers in recruitment 
  • Work with the Career Center to keep MISA updated on jobs and career center events

VP Social Events 
  • Plan events with food 
  • Get food quotes to treasurer for DOC Funding approval 
  • Work with President, VP and advisor to plan field trips 
  • Work with other business clubs to plan joint events/activities 
  • Work with the VP of Marketing to accomplish their responsibilities 

VP Membership 
  • Recruit and retain new members and alumni 
  • Work with President/Vice President to reserve booth during beginning of semester 
  • Visit MIS/AIS classes with the President/Vice President and or the VP of Professional Relations 
  • Help potential members sign up on OrgSync 
  • Engage Community College tech groups and faculty to recruit future members

  • Attend Nuts and Bolts Meeting 
  • Responsible for the MISA treasury, including keeping MISA account active with ASI 
  • Approve purchases and reimbursements in conjunction with the President 
  • Get quotes to make purchases 
  • Get proposed purchases approved 
  • Collect dues 
  • Submit quotes to the DOC funding committee before Monday deadline 
  • Attend DOC Funding Meetings 

Professional Correspondent 
  • Attend Nuts and Bolts Meeting 
  • Take meeting notes 
  • Post meeting notes 
  • Update and maintain MISA’s Intellectual Property 
  • Assist the VP Social Events/VP Marketing with their duties 
  • Schedule general MISA meetings with Student Organizations and Leadership 
  • Work with the VP of Information Systems to update OrgSync and the Website
  • Check the mailbox in the Student Union on a weekly basis 

VP Information Systems
  • Maintain and update MISA Website 
  • Find new technologies MISA can use as an organization 
  • Obtain video recording equipment for recording events 
  • Take pictures during MISA meetings and events

VP of Marketing 
  • Update the MIS display case in Tahoe Hall 
  • Make and posting fliers 
  • Write meeting announcements on whiteboards of current MIS/AIS/GIS classrooms 
  • Send event announcements on Biz List, Facebook, etc. 
  • Facilitate Production of semester MISA Shirts
  • Take pictures during MISA meetings and events 
  • MISA Banner 

VP of Mentorship
  • Responsible for the personal developmental relationship between members and officers
  • Mentor MISA members on their paths to graduation
  • Provide one on one tutoring for members
  • Provide assistance and advice to members for finding internships or jobs in the field

Please note that more positions may be added and existing position responsibilities may change.