Why Should I join?

  • Informative meetings with local IT Companies and professionals
  • Resume building workshops and career path guidance
  • Learn about internships and job opportunities
  • Scholarships and awards
  • Tutoring and mentoring from other students
  • Free food at events
  • Meet people with common interests
  • Access to Microsoft Academic Alliance software
  • Affordable membership dues

Steps to join MISA

  • Click here to fill out the MISA Application Form.
  • Deliver semester dues to our Treasurer by September 26, 2018.
    • Enrolled in MIS 15: Free
    • Regular Sign-up: $40

If you are interested in a MISA Leadership position, please indicate so on the application.

Why should I become a member of Leadership?

  • Strengthens leadership and planning skills
  • Collaborate with established IT companies
  • Network with community leaders, business and faculty
  • Looks great on your resume!

Where do I go for meetings?

Meetings times and locations will change with each semester depending on what time MIS classes are being held. Check our calendar for updated meeting times and locations. Events and meetings are typically held in the University Union.