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Spring 2022

What is MIS?

What the MIS major is:

  • Branch of business that deals with the technology side of a business

  • Essentially, we use technology to help businesses succeed

  • Career paths for MIS Graduates include:

  • Business Analyst

  • Database Administrator

  • Web/Systems/Software Developer

  • IT Development Project Management

  • Many more!

  • Many of these positions have potential for a six figure salary and the job market is booming!

What MISA is and what we do:

  • MISA is an organization that connects students to companies in our field; we offer a glimpse of what's out there for a MIS major.

  • We invite various professionals within our field to present to our members the possibilities of a career in MIS.

  • Many companies recruit students from Sac State majoring in MIS.

  • Our main goal is to help members get involved and network to help build a successful future after they graduate.


  • Must be good at computers

  • Your job will be too technical

  • Only for computer nerds

Why join?

· Networking opportunities:

  • Get to know the students and faculty that can help you understand all aspects about the major.

  • Meet people in the IT field and build your professional network.

  • Get to see professionals from various companies and establish a connection that may lead to a step-up in the job market.

· Leadership skills:

  • We offer leadership opportunities that allow you to step out of your comfort zone and get involved.

  • In this competitive job market, simply becoming a MISA leader could get you that small step above someone else for the job.

· Enhanced knowledge and experience:

  • Learn about different positions offered in the IT field.

  • MISA can help you learn more about the major and the companies that specialize in it.

· Social networking:

  • Get to know the other students of the major with MISA social events.

· Personal Benefits:

  • Employment & Intern opportunities

Membership Dues:

  • Fee $40 ($20 if you are enrolled in MIS 15) - FEE IS WAIVED FOR FALL 2022 SEMESTER

  • Due date: N/A

  • Must be paid in cash or check during a general or IT meeting.

How to join?

  • Click here to visit our page on Hornet Hub.

  • Click the join button.

  • After being prompted to sign in with your Sac State account, you will be an official member!

  • Deliver semester dues to the treasurer by N/A.

  • Show up to our meetings, you are always welcome, it is that easy.