What is DreamSpark?

Microsoft DreamSpark contains hundreds of Microsoft softwares ranging from operating systems, databases, and servers. Examples include Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Visual Studios, and much more. Keep in mind that some of these applications will be used in your MIS courses throughout Sac State! MISA highly recommends to take advantage of these programs as they are worth thousands of dollars.

How to enroll in DreamSpark?

To be part of DreamSpark, you must be a paid member of MISA. Once dues are paid, your name and email information (must be a Saclink email) will be sent to Professor Spiros to enroll your account onto DreamSpark. Once complete, you will be sent an email to setup your account. If you'd like to access DreamSpark webpage, please click the image link below. You can also access the webpage on the sidebar of our page.

NOTE: Since there are no dues, this is not available for the Fall 2022 semester.

Microsoft DreamSpark Premium